Sebastian Roende Thielke's portfolio

The Clock
May 2008 - DKDS

This concept was made during the DKDS Tetris project, so you must be familiar with our main concept of that project, in order to understand this one.
This concept shows the number of log-ins in a clock. The clock was supposed to be in the main hall showing how many people had entered the school during the last hour. Through interaction people could be able to go back in time, to see the statistics of earlier hours.

We abandoned this concept for two reasons. One: it was too difficult to make (I made the flash version below a year after the project - and it is still not quite working). We wanted to make a working mock-up and it was simply too difficult to program something that would even resembel it. The second reason was a bit embarresing. We didn't actualy see how few people that would log-in during one hour, until we tried filling out the model with actual numbers. Only around one person per minute would log-in on average, which would leave the clock almost totally empty. This would of course underline our statement, but it was to extreme.

Below: The different colours represent the different buildings.

By drawing the clock in 3D you would be able to rotate it and se it as a spiral going back in time. Made in Blender.

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