Little Bird
June 2012 - Personal project

This is a music video I made for a band I have with the singer/composer Rezwan Farmi, called Rest In Beats. The concept was developed from our interpretation of the lyrics of the song. We wanted to convey feelings around vanity, sexuality, volnurability and the transition from young to adult. The idea of loosing your innocence, represented by the bird, was visually emphasised with the effect of the bird being part of the ‘shadow layer’ as a kind of meta-physical layer of the girl. The same goes for the butterfly wings which represents her new sexuality.
This might sound a bit overconceptualised and it also worked more as guidelines/inspiration for the underlying ideas that informed the visual design.
The video was filmed with a Canon D7. It was edited with Premiere Pro, and the visual effects/animation, was made in After Effects.

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