Sebastian Roende Thielke's portfolio

Photo manipulation
2004 - KTS

This was made six years ago, on a course in digital photography at the Copenhagen Technical School.

During that period I worked the evening-shifts at Gentofte Hospital as cleaning assistant. One night I was sent to clean and close-off the orthopedic surgery rooms and luckily I brought my camera. After the last doctor had gone home, I placed the camera on my tripod and set it on autoexposure with a one-minute delay (which for some weird reason, was the minimum). I took different pictures of myself posing around and on the surgery bed. I was quite nervous and those one-minute-delays seemed to last forever. This resulted in a great detail as I, due to impatience and bad nerves, lift my head up from the bed. This adds a sort of tension to the scene as if I'm nervous of the surgery about to commence. Who are those doctors?

Photoshopping. I did the photo below during that same period. This was how I really got to know photoshop. I spent a hole day walking around Copenhagen looking for trucks. Now I know them all. The Lekkerland-truck, the Inco-truck, the Carlsberg-truck etc. They still drive around Copenhagen delivering goods. And then I spent a lot of nights taking pictures of shopwindows and grocerystores. It all resulted in that weird surreal picture in the bottom. I don't really know what it means...

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