Brixton and a plastic bag
April 2012 - RCA

This film was created in collaboration with Phillip Ronnenberg during a one week film workshop at Royal College of Art. We were interested in telling a fictional story where a technology is used in unexpected ways by a local community/population. In order for it to be beleivable we decided to shoot it like a documentary, and since our time was very limited, we set ourself the challenge that we were not allowed to use any actors. Instead we would have to only use people we met in the street and that we through dialog could persuade to make fake interviews: to get people to make improvised performances guided by us.

At the time I was living in Brixton which is a carrebean area of southern London and we chose that as our setting. Brixton has a big local market selling everything from cellphones, obscure reaggae music, meat and vegetables, to rare african herbal medicine.

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