Visualizing BIG (CITY) DATA

Leapcraft 2014
  • ux
  • ui
  • interface design
  • prototyping
  • hardware
  • electronics
LeapSense is a datatool for monitoring and gaining insight into airpollution in big cities (Copenhagen in this case). The system consists, on one side, of a lot of sensor boxes mounted on existing infrastructure around the city - and on the other side a web interface that visualises all this data.
Each box measures temperature, humidity, CO, and NO2 - and send all this data to a server every minute. The web interface visualises the data and makes it easy to navigate, correlate and compare the different data sources from geospatial and temporal perspectives.
By combining a timebased visualisation, a geospatial, and a standard table all in one view (slide 1), the user gets multiple perspectives on the data in one glance and can thus correlate the data more easily and find patterns between the different perspectives.
The graph-view (slide 2) allows the user to create tabs with customized graphs based on selected parametres from sensor boxes, or clusters of sensor boxes. In this way the user can easily correlate humidity of a whole borrough with a specific street of that borrough.

The software also provides a view for monitoring the log of a sensor box and see if it needs maintenance (slide 3).

At Leapcraft I was also part of building prototypes for IOT projects like this.

gateway prototypes

The LeapSense boxes has been implement in different parts of Copenhagen and is currently being tested in London. Below is a video explaining the project.