Decision-making tool for C-Level peeps

Leapcraft 2014
  • ux
  • ui
  • interface design
  • management tool
DecideAct was created by Leapcraft in 2014 and I was the UX / interaction designer on the project. It was a very short process and the result is basically the first design iteration of the concept.

DecideAct is a tool for leaders to create and manage decisions made in meetings. It is supposed to be used while having a meeting: to take notes and to register tasks based on decisions made in the meeting, which will the be easy to follow up on.
The tasks have a description, category, priority, start and end date, a delegate, a sponsor (the one who follows up), and a progress slider. The tool creates a simple system for keeping track of decisions made in meetings and the people responsible for executing these decisions.
The tool was taken up by different leaders in Danish companies, as well as some ministers of countries in the EU (I was told..).
We basically took the overall idea, drafted out the data structure for a meeting and the different users, and went and designed it.

Below is a video explaining the software.